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Creepy Friend – What Do I Do?

Creepy Friend – What Do I Do?
Creepy Friend – What Do I Do?
November 4, 2017 12:50 pm
           Dear Deidre,

I’ve got this friend that’s a bit of a loser and she’s actually borderline creepy. I think she’s a bit obsessed with me to the point where she has a photo of me as a screensaver on her phone and I would never have one of her. She’s always saying I don’t call her enough and she always wants me to come and visit her. I find her really annoying and the only reason I’m still friends with her is because she is such a great listener. She will literally listen to me talk about myself for the entire phone call and I feel bad because we don’t really talk about her life but she doesn’t seem to mind too much. Also when we go out for lunch she always insists on paying. And I feel really bad because I really treat her like shit but she’s always so nice to me and she’s constantly calling and texting me. Do you think I should still stay friends with her? Is it healthy to stay friends with someone who is obsessed with you and annoys you like crazy just for the free dinners and the fact that she always just wants to talk about your stuff and rarely prattles on about her own life?

I spoke to another friend about it and she said it sounds like I have zero respect for her and that it’s not healthy to feel like a friend is obsessed with you and has screen savers of you on their phone. My other mate also said that when she went round to her house she saw that she also has loads of photos of me around her house. Including one of my photo right by her bed?

She says she definitely has some sort of problem and doesn’t think she’s right in the head. All she talks about to her is me.

So I agreed. I decided it was best to end our friendship. As it feels one sided and potentially toxic. Also I don’t want a friend that is so utterly consumed and obsessed with me. It’s just weird.

But how do you tell that person that? I mean we go way back. Way back. I owe her everything. Because well not only is she my friend but she’s my mum too.

Please help.

Yours gratefully,

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